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The inaccessible becomes accessible




How to ensure while transferring :


  • The safety of the transferred person,


  • The comfort of the transferred person,


  • The respect of the transferred person,


  • The safety of the persons who help transferring,


  • The easiness and the rapidity of the transfer. 

a technology for adventure


  • A know-how from paragliding and extreme sports.


  • Solidity, safety, and lightness.


  • Safety norms & Swiss quality.


  • Tested and approved by both, the transferred persons and the carriers.


Varied Uses


Essential for :


  • Places with limited access: amusement parks,  swimming pools, buildings without lift, …


  • Places with necessary transfers  : planes, non adapted transports, theater seats, …


  • Getting over natural obstacles : flooded passage, path with difficult access, snow-covered access, …


  • Any emergency situations requiring the evacuation of a person with disability.



FOB guarantee a comfortable and secure transfer from the wheelchair to the tehnical aid used to practice downhillskiing (dual ski, Tandem ski, aso...).


Within a few seconds transfer is doe... Let's go for a full ride of sensations ! 


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